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Hi there! I'm Eddie Muro from El Paso, Texas, US. I currently work as a Software Engineer at Intermatic. I have 5 years experience creating software, mobile apps and websites for both myself, and for clients. I have experience programming in many different languages such as PHP, Javascript, Python, Java, however some of my favourite projects involve working in Swift for iOS.My greatest passion in life is to program step by hours programming because I love to program, because with a couple of lines of code you create incredible things, I like to learn new languages and freamworks because I was able to create new things, invent a phrase is that It's personal: Together, programming the future...

I started the World of Programming studying and taking courses in: CF, Youtube, Udemy, CodePro, DevCode, etc ..., my first steps as a programmer were as: frelancer creating web pages for different clients, then create personal projects such as: web pages, a social network, an ecommerce, webapps for android and ios, after looking for a job as web developer, I was given the opportunity to work as a web developer on ADD.com was a digital marketing company but a failure because of bad organization, afterwards they gave me the opportunity of working in Intermatic where I am currently working, I decided recently to enter the university to obtain my degree in computer science. He is currently in the third semester at the university of: EPCC VV in El Paso TX. I want to learn more in order to be a better programmer and create incredible things, because one of my favorite phrases is: if you can imagine, you can program it.

I'm even the owner, developer and news publisher on my app


I publish the most outstanding news of our city El Paso TX. accord with


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Actually I'm taking a course of computer science in Harvard university

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